About Us

What is Visual Recipes?

Visual Recipes is a community of cooking enthusiasts who share recipes with step-by-step photos. We provide an easy way for members to upload photos of the cooking process and add associated text captions in order to create an easy to follow visual recipe tutorial. Members can then provide their family and friends with a link to view all of their visual recipes. Users can also leave comments on recipes asking for clarification or to provide suggestions for improvement.

When was Visual Recipes started?

We launched in 2005 and have since become a resource for beginning cooks, visual learners, special needs teachers, and those who have autism.

Why does a recipe require step-by-step photos?

Having photos to accompany the recipe steps greatly helps in the learning process as specific cooking techniques can be shown, as well as how the food should look at each step in the cooking process.

What are your goals?

We aim to continue facilitating and encouraging the sharing of recipes in visual form in order to help educate as many people as possible to become better cooks.


Special Thanks:

A big thanks goes out to fellow members of the GWS forum who have kindly contributed their recipes and photos to help populate this site with fantastic examples of visual recipes. I'd also like to thank the admins and mods of SA / GWS for being supportive of the exchange.

// 2pm SI Interview with RS