AeroGrow AeroGarden Review - Read Before Purchasing

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The AeroGrow AeroGarden is an aeroponic indoor garden built by AeroGrow International.

AeroGarden Box

What is Aeroponics? Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a 100 percent humidity, highly oxygenated growing chamber. The roots of the plant are bathed in ideal amounts of water, nutrients, and oxygen to create plants that are healthier, grow faster, and have a higher nutrient content than if grown in soil.

Aerogarden Parts and Setup:

Aerogarden Parts

The main piece is the base which contains the electronics. An extension arm with adjustable height settings plugs into the base. The next piece is the water reservoir with areas in the top where the grow pods are placed. Included are two grow bulbs or “daylight spectrum bulbs” which plug into the top hood piece. The underside of the hood piece has a reflective coating to scatter the light across the Aerogarden. The hood snaps into the extension arm. Setup was very simple.

The AeroGarden comes bundled with an herb seed kit which includes Italian Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Oregano, Chives, and Purple Basil.

AeroGarden Assembled:

AeroGarden Fully Assembled

Salad Greens Salad Bar Series Seed Kit Contents:

AeroGarden Box Salad Bar Series Seed Kit

In the package are 7 grow pods with seeds that are seated between foam with openings for the leaves and roots to grow. Also included are 7 plastic domes to keep in humidity during germination. There is also a box that includes nutrient tablets, as well as an instruction manual. The kit contains 7 varieties of lettuce which include green leaf, green summer crisp, red leaf and red butterhead lettuces.

Planting - Grow Pod Closeup:

Aerogarden GrowPod Closeup

I placed each grow pod in each of the holes at the top of the water reservoir. I then pushed on the plastic dome over each.

Planting Finished:

Aerogarden Fully Planted

The front of the water reservoir has a lid that you lift up to add water to the tank. In the tank is a water fill line. Since I have a water softener that makes the tap water too salty, I filled the reservoir with bottled water from a jug. I then added 2 nutrient tablets that were labeled as starting nutrients. I then made sure the extension arm was set into its lowest position as to keep the bulbs closest to the seeds.

The Starting Nutrients:

AeroGarden Nutrient Tablets

After adding the nutrient tablets to the filled reservoir, I plugged the Aerogarden in. The 2 grow bulbs lit right up, a green light lit up on the base, and the pump started up. The pump pulls the water up and drips it over the seeds it seems.

On the base is a select button. By pressing it you can select which type of plant you are growing. I pressed the button until the green light was beside where it said salad greens.

The lights stay on for 16 hours! and they are incredibly bright. The good thing is that there are easy to follow instructions included on how to set the lights to turn off at a certain time each day. If you want the lights to turn off at 11pm, wait until 11pm, press the button labeled “lights” and hold it down. The green light next to where it says “salad greens” will start blinking. When it does this, you just release the lights button. In about 9 seconds the 2 grow bulbs will turn off, and will now always turn off at 11pm.

4 Days Later:

AeroGarden after 4 days

All grow pods have sprouted. Some plants were close to touching the plastic domes so I removed them.


Aerogarden 5 days

1 Week Later - Purple Spots Are Appearing:

AeroGarden Purple Spots

Purple spots began appearing on almost all of the leaves. I figured this may be normal since there is red butterhead lettuce as one of the lettuce varieties.  My other thought was that it could possibly some kind of infection or fungus in the plant. So I found the 800 number for Aerogrow and gave them a call.

Aerogrow Aerogarden Customer Service Experience:

I gave them a call to find out if the purple spots on the leaves was normal or not. However, no one answered the phone. It was the correct number, but it just rang and rang for 5-10 minutes. I hung up and decided to just send them an email and attach a couple pictures of the purple spots. I sent them an email on Jan 8th 2008, and didn’t receive a reply back until Jan 23 2008. Over 2 weeks to receive an email response back. On a positive note, the email response did answer my question fully.

Their response was that purple spots are normal. It’s just the red leaf and red butterhead lettuces and that in another week or so, differences in lettuce varieties should become more noticeable.

Built In Computer:

Every 2 weeks the base lit up to tell me to add 2 more nutrient tablets. The add water light also came on once, but since then I’ve been adding water daily. Once the tablets are added you just hit the reset button to start the 2 week countdown in the internal computer.

2 Weeks Later:

AeroGarden Salad

First Salad:

AeroGarden Salad

The lettuce tastes great, it’s crisp and very green too. A month after planting, based on growth you can easily have a side salad every other day. The extension arm continually has to be raised if you skip making salads as the leaves grow up to touch the bulbs.  (Scroll down for Review Conclusion)

Other Seed Kits Available:

Herb Kits:

French Herb (Chervil, Sorrel, Marseille Basil, Parsley, Sage, Savory and Chives).

Gourmet Herb (Thyme, Chives, Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Dill, Mint and Parsley).

Holiday Herb (Includes parsley, oregano, thyme and sage).

International Basil (Includes Lemon, Thai, Napolitano (Italian), Marseilles (French), Genovese (Italian), Globe and Red Rubin.).

Italian Herb (including Basil, Garlic Chives, Mint, Savory, Italian Parsley, Oregano and Thyme.).

Japanese Herb (Mitsuba (2), Red Shiso, Green Shiso, Nira Chives, Cress and Shungiku (chrysanthemum).

South of the Border Kit (cilantro, epazote, globe basil, oregano, thyme, and parsley.).

Vegetable Seed Kits:

Cherry Tomato

Chili Pepper (2 kinds of Jalapeno (Mexican cooking favorite), two Red Fire (great for Asian dishes), and three Purple Super Hot (for color and punch) .

Green Beans

Salsa Garden (Cherry Tomato and Jalapeno) .

Snow Peas

Salad Kits:


Baby Greens (Contains Tatsoi, Mizuna, Mustard, Kale and Komatsuna.)

Mesclun (Contains Mustard Greens, Endive, Mizuna, Tatsoi and lettuces.)

Romaine (Red and Green)

Salad Greens (This is the one I planted) (Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Red Butterhead and Romaine.)

Flower Kit:

Petunias (pink, purple, blue and white blooms )

Master Gardner Kit: Includes grow pods, domes, and nutrients. No Seeds. Allows you to grow any seeds you want supposedly.


Simple to setup. Easy to use. Fun. Quiet pump. Large number of seed kits to choose from. Fresh great tasting salad available to harvest a month after planting. No pesticides. No need to worry about E-Coli contamination you hear about in the news sometimes with bagged lettuce.
Seed kits are about $20 USD. AeroGarden is around $150 USD. If your tap water is salty, water from store jugs is an added cost. Instructions state to replace bulbs every 6 months. Replacing two bulbs is $20 USD.  The lettuce slurps up water quickly. The grow bulbs are insanely bright. Not an issue during the day, but at night, you really need some kind of curtain or cardboard box to block the light. Customer service seems pretty slow and unresponsive.

Conclusion: If you would enjoy watching food grow in your kitchen and the cost of the kits, water, and grow bulbs isn’t an issue, then I would recommend getting one. Its fun watching food grow in your kitchen. And knowing that it doesn’t have pesticides and such on it is great.  The best place to get the Aero Garden would be Below is a widget linking to the product page:

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Feb 06, 2008


Thank you for reviewing the AeroGarden on your very cool blog. I’m Lorraine, and I actually work at AeroGrow (BTW - loved your Quinoa and Sausage Stuffed Pumpkin recipe…).
Mostly I’m writing to apologize for the long response times you experienced from Customer Service in January. We had an unprecedented holiday sales season, and CS was overwhelmed for awhile after Christmas. We’re modifying our website to answer more questions up-front (including your “brown spots on lettuce” question), and have hired more staff. Hope you’ll forgive, and that you enjoy continuing success with your AeroGarden crops!

Jason Harding

Feb 10, 2008

I’m an AeroGrow customer.  I’ve got 4 units now and have been using the product for 18 months. I’ve had several interactions with Customer Service and they’ve always been prompt, both by phone and by email.  Once I lost a batch of lettuce because the temperature in my apartment in the summer went above 80 degrees and the lettuce wilted (that clearly exceeded the acceptable temperature range in the instructions, but I handn’t considered what might happen).  They told me that dropping some ice cubes in the water or setting up a fan would help, and ... they even sent me a free seed kit to replace the lettuce, which they didn’t have to do since it was my fault. 

My main gripe is that I wish they would make it easier to use your own seeds by making the Master Gardener kit cheaper or offering the foam inserts for the as a seperate product to help keep the price down. That’s the only piece that isn’t really re-usable.  Of course, that would cut their resale income on seeds, but it might help sell more units.  As it is I’m not sure if you save money with this product, but it’s great to have fresh, pesticide-free lettuce ever-ready.  If the seed kits were cheaper, it would be economical too over time.

Jeff Lester

Mar 22, 2008

Just wanted to say that my wife and I are having a lot of fun with our Aero Garden.  We do have brown spots on our lettuce, which is why I was reading your blog.  Glad to see that its normal.  We’re looking forward to growing some herbs and vegetables.  Thanks for your info!

Gloria Curry

May 02, 2008

I have been shopping for a large aeroponic fogging system for my son, whose neurologist recommends a non-toxic medicinal herb for treating his JME (x3 types of seizures). 
While the aerogarden is far too small for his purposes, it’s perfect for an indoor kitchen garden.  I look at the aerogarden from the perspective of a small-scale hydroponics gardener (I have multiple Hydrofarm, Earthbox, and home-made bubble bucket units planted with veggies & herbs).

I’m thinking that the use of Grodan/Bcuzz rock wool plugs or Rapid Rooter plugs in a STERILIZED seed pod would do the trick just as well as their foam.
I use fish tank water for my hydro plants, which provides the proper ph as well as nutrients and beneficial bacteria, but I don’t think it would work in true AEROponic use. Hydro units use a drip or ebb/flow method, while the aero units use misters/foggers, which can spray 5 micron sized water droplets.  Don’t know what size droplets the Aerogarden creates, but I suspect the algae in the fish water might grow and clog the misting nozzles.  Also not sure how light-proof the Aerogarden root chamber is (light promotes algae growth).
If you’re planting your own seeds in rockwool or rapid rooters, or even in aerogarden’s grossly overpriced replacement foam plugs, there won’t be aerogarden tablets for your specific seeds, so you would need hydroponic nutrients.  I’d stay away from the generic hardware garden center plant food and seek out nutrients specifically made for hydro/aeroponic uses. There are a lot of discount hydro specialists online, and the best are often hard to locate with the current money-oriented search engines.

My personal favorites are and for lots of hydro and aero products & information.

Guys Cooking

Jun 05, 2008

When these first hit the market I thought it was just hype.  But I saw one in use at a friend’s house and was pretty impressed.  I enjoyed the great pictures you got in this review.


Sep 18, 2008

Four days ago I finally plugged in the Aerogarden I received as a gift last year…why oh why did I wait so long?!  It is so fun and easy.  Already my salad greens are peeking up above the paper covers on the pods.  I can’t wait until I can pick my first home-grown salad!  Being in Alaska, the purchase and upkeep of the Aerogarden will most probably be a money saver for me.  I’m already planning the purchase of my second Aerogarden, and dreaming of a third.  After all, if you’ve got a homegrown salad you need a fresh, homemade salad dressing, and what is a salad w/o homegrown cherry tomatoes?!  Happy growing!!!

John Davison

Dec 26, 2008

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.  They promised Christmas delivery and I am still waiting….today is the 26th and I had no gift for my special person.  The Customer Service is AWFUL!  I waited on hold for 20 minutes and gave up.  I called back and you could only leave your number (no message?!) and they called back 3 hours later!  I sent an e-mail and the automated response said it would take a week to respond.  What a nightmare.  Very sad.


Dec 27, 2008

Unfortunately I too ordered from this company, ordered on the 14th where their website said order by the 17th for GUARANTEED delivery by the 24th…finally on the 22nd I received my tracking number that had a delivery date of the 27th and surprise it arrived today the 27th….two days too late for the person that it was bought for that lives in another city.

Their customer service is non-existent, I have received one email response that wasn’t automated. This was about 3 days after my initial order that reassured me that it would indeed arrive before xmas…since then I have tried calling the 800 number just to sit on hold for over thirty minutes before I gave up and just left my number…I am still waiting on that call back…...

Jennifer Holdcraft

Dec 27, 2008


I am having the EXACT same problem.  I ordered my AeroGarden on the 22nd and the website (and my confirmation email!) promised FedEx would deliver it by the 24th - which came and went.  On the FedEx tracking site it recognized the tracking number, but it only said that package data had been received - and of yesterday (the 26th) it still had the same message.  So I called FedEx and they basically told me that the information had been submitted and a label had been apparently printed out; however, they had never actually gotten the package from AeroGrow to even be sent out.  I sent AeroGrow an email yesterday and called Customer Service this morning (and waited approx 40 minutes before giving up and leaving my phone number) and still haven’t heard a word.  When the system didn’t arrive the 24th I was disappointed but had heard that the weather had completely overwhelmed FedEx and was trying to be understanding, but now it’s the 27th and FedEx never even had the package to begin with!  I’m very upset.


Dec 28, 2008


I ordered on the 12th and didn’t receive a tracking number until the 22nd!  This was supposed to be for Hanukkah (21st), but I was okay with Christmas delivery, as their guarantee said.  My brother didn’t receive it until yesterday the 27th!  I am absolutely not blaming Fed Ex, they didn’t receive the package until the 22nd!  How can it take 10 days to mail something out?  I want to call the newspapers or the news channels or the better business bureau or something!  Can’t we do anything?


Dec 29, 2008

Waiting on 800# now over 2 1/2 hours.  Question on my order from Dec. 23rd, website for tracking still says last updated Dec. 24th—3am; it is now Dec. 29th—they must be very busy or very slowwwwwww—-I hope I never have a major problem with anything in the future, will keep my fingers crossed this only happens this time of year!!


Jan 01, 2009

Just relax people.. It is a great device. Good things come to those who wait. 2 days after Christmas is nothing. Besides, The Jesus was not really born on the 25th anyway. THis date is arbitrary to those understand that this season is a time for being with family, not getting or giving gifts. Just enjoy your device when available and be happy that this technology is so affordable. On the proposal of cheaper home gardening kits. I bet they make very little money selling these. Most of their profit probably comes from their seed kits accessories, think printers and printer cartridges. Life is guided by your perspective. Believe it or not, you have the power to decide.


Jan 06, 2009

I, too, had the non-delivered by Christmas issue after placing my order on Dec. 18 and the website guaranteeing delivery on orders placed up to Dec. 22.  Does anyone know what they should have to do for not following through with their guarantee?  I did hear back from customer service on Dec. 24 and was able to get $30 off and my seed kit ($19.95) free, but I’m still not satisfied with that.  A guarantee should be a guarantee.


Jan 09, 2009

I too have the same problem.  I placed my order on November 22nd, and as of today, January 9th, the package has not been received.  I had ordered this in November to ensure it was delivered in time for Christmas to the recipient.  Quite embarassing that it has not been received yet.  As well, I was told via email they ship via FedEx and cannot ship to a PO Box so I gave a new address, was not informed there would be any delays.  When nothing arrived a week or so later I emailed and they advised that once it crosses the border to Canada there is no tracking number because it goes with Canada Post… I am paying for shipping for what????

I sent an email on January 4th to customer service as well as the emails for whatever Execs there that I could find and I have not received a response.

I am very frustrated and would never recommend them to anyone!  I was in contact with their customer service almost on a weekly basis and was always advised it had shipped, yet how is it that nothing has been received????



Jan 10, 2009

I’ve have the same story as Mary though with less success at getting customer service to return a phone call, answer an email, or prove to me the whole department consists of nothing more than Cliff in his basement playing with his sister’s Barbie dolls.
Now I see this message on Aerogarden’s website “Please note: We take the first week in January to complete our year-end inventory.  Because of this, your Order Status may not have changed. We anticipate shipments will resume on January 12th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” 
So not only was my order not shipped and delivered as promised by Christmas but now I have to wait for them to count their inventory.  Ship it already!  Get it off your books!  What buffoons! 
I could go over to Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon and purchase the same exact item now reduced at a ridiculous clearance price and get it for far less than I’ve already paid on my Discover Card for the online purchase!!
I’m truly disgusted.


Feb 04, 2009

I concur with lousy delivery.  I placed my order more than a month ago, and I still haven’t received it.  They said it was because of other items I ordered at the same time, but the seeds have now arrived, and still no aerogrow! Not even shipped yet.


Feb 18, 2009

Suggest purchasing from Costco if one is nearby.  Also have seen them at Sam’s Club.  Price is much better than retail (~$100 for the Elite 6 model). Save your receipt.  At least you will not have to deal with the customer service of Aerogrow. If your unhappy with the Aerogarden product, you can return it after 6 months for a full refund. 

Have purchased the elite 6 model and have started to see aprouts after several days with the herb packages.


Mar 14, 2009

I received an herb areogarden for a Christmas gift ... I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, so I thought this was ideal.
My customer service experience has been an absolute nightmare, and now one of my herbs (dill) has turned yellow and died, and I have no way to get a replacement, as the customer service people do not answer their telephone or respond to their e-mail.
I would suggest staying FAR away from this outfit, as they clearly have no interest in their customers after the sale.


Mar 15, 2009

If you are in Canada, they sell them at Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, many indoor garden shops, etc.  They are $100CAD plus depending on your model.

Michael Safdiah

Mar 15, 2009

I hear complaints about customer service, understandable, but almost everyone seems to agree the product works. I’d buy it if the price were lower.


Mar 19, 2009

Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is deplorable!

I received an e-mail on February 25th telling me that my replacement pump (yes, my pump died after only one crop) was being shipped via FedEx Ground that day (7-10 days to arrive).

I followed-up today (March 19th) to find out what’s going on because it hasn’t arrived yet.  I was told by “Mike” that the replacement pumps haven’t even arrived at their offices yet.  They’re “still on the water” and I should have it (hopefully he says) by the end of the month. 

Don’t even get me started - because I told him they should put Americans back to work and order their pumps here, rather than from China.  He said they save money this way.  Bull#*&%! 

If I ever get the pump I do not plan to buy another single product from AeroGarden ever again! 

BTW—I wanted 15 minutes on the phone before anyone picked it up! 

Disgusting and Deplorable!


Mar 22, 2009

Just ordered mine today, so I can’t really say much about the system itself, but this is really the first I’ve heard that the customer service was bad.  Obviously it’s a popular device and Christmas is a demanding time for businesses - I think if you wait until mid to late December, you’re bound to be disappointed. (So shop early!)

That said, it seems pretty obvious the same person, starting with “John Davison,” was the author of most, if not all, the Christmas reviews. The writing style is just too similar and said person frequently uses the same phrases over and over again. As such, I think that paints a rather unfair picture to any potential consumer. I am admittedly biased - I love gardening and hydroponics in particular.

I would like to thank Gloria for the links, though. The seed kit prices are a little excessive, so anything that saves me money is great in my book.

Rebecca Withey

Mar 24, 2009

To be honest, I almost never buy retail so I didn’t order mine from the website. I got the silver one with the herb kit never opened from someone local through Craigslist for $85. I have another one coming from eBay that I got for $99 (free shipping) as well as a master seed kit ($19.99) and a salad kit (same price). Check places like Craigslist as people are always getting rid of extra Christmas gifts they received. smile

So far, our unit is very quiet and sounds like a light waterfall (which I love). I like the florescent light being on all the time as it seems to brighten my mood. I plan to put one more in the kitchen and one in the dining room. We are also going to plant a garden outside with veggies that are less easy to kill (trying to turn my black thumb green) such as tomatoes and green beans, corn, zuccini, squash and tomatoes. It just my late spring months kill my lettuce which is what we plan on growing inside.

I hope we are successful this year. We really enjoyed eating from our garden last year though it barely produced anything because I forgot to water all the time. This year will be different!


Apr 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning is advertising the Silver Aerogarden Classic with Gourmet seed pack for $79.00, available on 5 May 2009.  They are also available through their website, but there is a shipping charge.  I ordered on-line for Mother’s day, I hope it arrives on time.  But then, this is shipping from Tuesday Morning, not Aerogarden, so hopefully it will arrive in time.


Jun 01, 2009

I bought the Aerogarden for Mother’s Day.  The picture on the box is nothing like what actual grows.  It should be called a minature garden.


Jun 01, 2009

What are you growing?

Christopher R. Mohr Sr.

Jun 30, 2009

My daughter gave me a 3 pod AeroGarden last Christmas. I had never heard of the product before, but it looked like a nice novelty.  I became interested when I realized it was a hydroponic system that wouldn’t necessitate having a greenhouse and tanks full of nutrient solution.  I have been interested in hydroponics for years, but could never afford the equipment needed to really make it practical. When I ran into a problem with my AeroGarden, I sent an e-mail to Customer Service. I received an instant response, which prompted many more questions to which I also received instant and really concerned responses. I was completely surprised when I read about the problems so many people had around last Christmas. I assure you AeroGrow has solved their communication problems and I don’t think there is any Customer Service division of any company that is more efficient and considerate than AeroGrow’s Customer Service division is today. Honest guys, you got them all wrong.


Jul 16, 2009

The seed kits and bulbs are expensive from Aerogrow, but you can get the same bulbs at Home Depot for about 1/2 the price. You can also get aerogarden compatible sponges on Ebay for $10 incl shipping for a years worth(28) as well as compatible nutrients (search for AeroFalls). The seeds you can get cheap from any seed catalog or store.
If you need help with your third party hacking you can find many others doing the same at:


Aug 01, 2009

Yesterday we were rummage saleing at the vfw. I always wanted an aero garden to try but the price was a bit much for me especially with the economy the way it is. Anyway, wife saw one in the box and we decided to purchase. Although the seeds were used everything else was there so we purchased unit. It had a price of $20 dollars and they told everyone to make offers. I offered $5 bucks and she said great. What a deal an AERO GARDEN for 5 bucks…

im so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Aug 03, 2009

We have just restarted our Aerogardens, after replacing the pumps in them.  But it was due to how hard our water is.  The two seed kits we are growing are Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans.  Looking forward to see how they come out!


Sep 05, 2009

Currently I own 7 Aerogardens… with one more on the way!

On customer service, they got swamped last year around the holidays and it was nearly impossible to get through. However, normally, it’s quite easy to get through to CS and they are courteous and of great help! I had a bean kit go moldy, all six pods and they replaced the entire kit for me! All they HAD to replace was the pods, but nope, they sent a brand new kit. And quickly too!

As for the reviewers gripe about the cost of the seed kits, using your own seeds is EASY! Just grow one regular kit, then SAVE all your baskets and sanitize them with a bleach solution.

There are several non-Aerogrow replacements for the peat sponges available, Park Seeds has one that is much cheaper. Labels can be made with your computer printer. One can get liquid nutrients cheaper than the tablets and they are easy to use.

Oh, and these units are SUPER for seed starting plants to transplant outside! I’m about to harvest lettuce and that was planted 8/10/2009.

Folks who need help or tips should check out this great forum for Aerogardeners at Friendly people and I’ve gotten TONS of good tips there! This forum is where I learned to find supplies that were less expensive than the ones from Aerogrow. Not that I don’t still buy some Aerogrow products, but it’s mostly bulbs now.

Oh, I planted my own Earliserve Green Bean seeds in an Aerogarden 6 Elite Plus on 8/10/2009 and less than a month later, I am getting flowers! That’s impressive! I’m growing them in my basement.


Oct 28, 2009

I just got mine, a birthday gift and I love it! it sits on my desk and its a joy to watch it grow.

For those people who are having problems around x-mas, ORDER EARLY most mail and service lines are backed up so buy early and save yourself the hassle.


Nov 23, 2009

Where are these kits made because if they aren’t made in the U.S.A they can keep them.

This includes the accessories as well.

Roger Forseth

Nov 23, 2009

I just want to tell everyone how poorly these things are made, I bought 3 different models a year ago and had a great first garden. everything grew well, but when i went to use these the for the second crop, the air bubbler would not make bubbles, thus no oxygen for the plants to grow, making my Aerogardens un-usable. I feel these are overpriced and over rated.i built my own using a fluorescent grow light, an ice cream pail, and a fish tank bubbler, I bought all this stuff cheaper than aero is selling the aero garden, and have actually been able to get 2 grows out of my homemade garden. I have tried to contact aero, but have found the service to be nil, no one will email me back or respond to my concerns. save your money and don’t buy these Aerogardens, as they are only good for about 4 months till the air system don’t work any more.


Dec 01, 2009

Ordered 14 pot salad mix pack.  Arrived with wrong booklet - Herb Chef Pack.  Three pots became moldy within 2 days of start-up.


Dec 16, 2009

Rotten company.  They’ve lied about my order shipping date for 4 weeks now - I think in hopes of keeping me from canceling before the holidays.  One day they tell me it’s shipping that day.  The next day they tell me to pick different colors.  The next day they tell me the ones they picked for me are back-ordered.  The next day they say it’s on it’s way out.  Never received anything.  The Customer Service Manager - [name removed by admin] - is horrific.  I called twice and she lectured me on patience and how she couldn’t trace my order because she was too busy answer my calls (2 - days apart).  If the product grew spaghetti it wouldn’t be worth dealing with the jerks in their customer service department.


Dec 28, 2009

I paid for my aerogarden on the 16th. Guaranteed by Christmas. It is supposed to arrive on the 30th. Just to let everyone know after 1 hour on hold. They apologized and are sending me a free herb kit and refunding my shipping fee. I wonder though, what their guarantee actually meant? What was I supposed to get if they didn’t get it out to me on time?


Jan 04, 2010

Guarantees don’t mean much with this company.  They’ve missed it for the third Christmas-NO, Monday after Christmas-NO, Today - ????

Az Gardener

Jan 08, 2010

Got catalog in mail yesterday for their AeroGarden 3, $49.95 each, $39.95 subsequent and free shipping (on basic model not elite etc). Ordered one black, one white by phone with their free seed pods (website showed black was sold out..we shall see). Guy was great on the order line, but will see if in 2 weeks my order arrives. Will try to post back when/if the sets arrive.

Ron Coventry

Jan 10, 2010

All you people are complaining about delivery time by ordering over the internet, why didn’t you put on your coat and go to Canadian Tire and pick one up. Delivery took me 5 minutes the time it takes to walk up to the teller. So far it works great. Just one pod hasen’t come up yet but maybe its a slow poke. We are quit pleased and think this product is pretty cool.


Aug 30, 2010

I also felt it taught both of us how to successfully grow plants from seeds to fruit. We didn’t have to wait months to watch the seeds grow into little sprouts. It happens in just two weeks with the AeroGarden.


Sep 06, 2010

This is SO COOL!!! I want one! I’d read a little about Hydroponics before, ie: what it was. I didn’t think you could do anything this awesome with it though!


Feb 10, 2011

I’ve had my AeroGarden for about two years now, and I love it, it’s a little pricey, but with a bit on ingenuity you can easily replace or modify any parts you need with stuff you can get at the craft store, or Home Depot… I don’t replace my bulbs nearly as often as I should, but they seem to work just fine for up to a year at a time. To be fair, my AeroGarden is in my office, and gets a fair amount of light during the day.


Feb 12, 2011

I agree that customer service is horrible. I purchased a garden from them they had a special. I had asked customer service about the model prior to buying it . I want a model with a pump and they told me the model i was buying had a pump.  When i recieved it the system was a air model. I tried to get a replacement. the had mis informed me. Instead of telling me they would replace it they cam with a whole song and dance about the model. It was not the model I wanted. They wanted me to eat the shipping costs back to them and also lose shipping i paid to recieve it.  There customer service is aweful. There product may be good. But once they sell you something they try to weasel out of it and say it was your mistake. If something is not what you wanted then they should take the return and be responsible for shipping back to them and not blame the customer.
Also the unit was to be new, The box it came in was covered in dust, and warehouse warn. They said it was an upgrade but really was a downgrade.


Mar 17, 2011

Please do not buy this aerogarden crap.  The lightbulbs went out quickly and are costly to replaced (at least $40 for 2 bulbs).  Purchase your own grow light for 6 dollars and make your own garden.  The aerogarden company is ripping people off with high prices for replacement parts and do not provide good customer service.  Parts had to be purchased through them and not retailer.  My aerogarden is in the garbage.


Apr 17, 2013

My experience with the Aerogarden is exactly what was advertised. I’m eating fresh arugula about every two days and have been from within two weeks after planting. Aerogarden makes is quite possible to create your own seed pods. There is even a Master Gardener video online that shows you exactly how to do it. Right now I’m trying to figure out how I can grow normal sized tomatoes next winter. When they have significant sales, I buy in bulk those things I can’t make myself. 

This probably isn’t what you want if you have plenty of space and time for making your own system, but for those of us with limited time and very limited space, Aerogarden is outstanding.

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