American Cheese Disguised as Sharp Cheddar

Apr 03, 2009 by Visual Recipes | Filed in Product Complaints | 1 Comments

I purchased a package of Crystal Farms Sharp Cheddar cheese singles at the grocery store expecting the cheese to be actual sharp cheddar.

At home I opened the package and unwrapped a slice to throw on a sandwich.  Right after unwrapping,  the top half  of the cheese flopped over onto itself in my hand.  Real sharp cheddar slices are solid, not flimsy.

I took a bite. Expecting the tanginess that sharp cheddar has, with its nutty, almost meat like flavor, my taste buds were gobsmacked when none of these criteria were met.

I flipped the package over to read the ingredients. The first ingredient of this package of sharp cheddar cheese: American cheese. Wait. What?

False advertising or dumb consumer? Probably both.

Ever been dupped by a food product? Share your story in the comments below.

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food face

Apr 18, 2009

Why are you buying super processed cheese anyway?
  These products are dead. Devoid of anything good that you would want to eat anyway! is this a joke! wake up!

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