Domino’s Pizza Video - The Aftermath

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The two morons who created the disgusting Domino’s video were fired and arrested on charges of contaminating food that is distributed to the public.  These are the same kind of charges someone would face if they tainted Halloween Candy.  To the right you will find their mugshots. I really hope the judge makes an example out of these two.  Food safety is top priority.

Does anyone know what the max sentence they could receive is? What do you think they deserve? Please add your comments below this post.

Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s U.S.A released a youtube response to what happened. I’ve embedded the video below.

Although Domino’s did the right thing by quickly releasing a video to address what happened and what is now being done as a result, there were a couple of things about the video that bothered me.

Look Into the Camera - If my company was put into the horrible situation where public confidence in the safety of our food preparation was questioned, I would be looking directly into the camera when addressing these issues. Looking off to the side does not make the consumer feel as though they are being personally addressed.  Make it personal, not distant.

Script Reading - Don’t read off a script. You know what to say, just talk to us. Again, make it personal.

All in all, I think this has been handled very well and was a wake up call to all food chains and franchise owners to keep on top of employees.

Possible Idea for Domino’s:  Go transparent and set up web cams and let us watch our pizzas being made.

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Let them eat Naugahyde

Apr 26, 2009

“set up web cams and let us watch our pizzas being made”
vid storage and processing has become enough cheap, that there are many places cams could be setup. corporate board meetings would be a good start wink
auto repair shops
(btw:) I didn’t read of this pizza incident, but I’ve long-avoided restaurants for similar & more common reasons.


Apr 27, 2009

Webcams?  chuckle…

I’ve heard of worse ideas; none that I can think of but I’m sure there’s at least one out there.

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