Foie Gras - Tasty but Cruel

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Foie gras is French for “fat liver” and is the fattened liver of a duck or goose that has been overfed. Along with truffles, foie gras is considered one of the greatest delicacies in French cuisine. It is very rich and buttery, with a delicate flavour unlike regular duck or goose liver.

Fattening the liver of a bird involves inserting a tube down the birds neck, sticking a funnel on the end of the tube, and stuffing heaps of corn and fat down the tube. This process is actually banned or in the process of being banned in several countries.

For a full history and more info on fois gras visit this link:

If you want to read about the laws being passed against the process and view horrible images visit this link:

If anyone has tried fois gras please comment on what you thought of it. What are your opinions on how it is made.

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Jul 15, 2006

It is delicious. But it now join veal in my gross list, no one should eat it because it is made by sadists.

Aug 11, 2006

It’s wonderfully delicious. I knew how it was produced before and after I ate it, and I’ll continue eating it so long as it is made available to me.


Aug 29, 2006

It’s the best stuff on earth!
To try and out law it…is criminal!
I love how many people have the point of view that the process
is cruel and inhumane…but have never even been to a regular farm, much less
one that produces this gift.  Well, I have had the pleasure of visiting a foie gras producer in Montreal.  Contrary to their beliefs…the geese live a very happy life…especially compared to the conditions that mass produced live stock live in.
These geese get to roam around freely not caged up….and as far as the feeding…it’s actually called something like “gravge”...the geese practically line up to be fed.  The farmer loves and respects his birds…and is much more in touch with his animals than most farmers.

P.S. Have any of these people ever looked to nature… that’s cruel!

My Two Cents,

Sep 01, 2006

Yes what a cruel thing to do to a poor little animal! Nothing’s wrong with killing them normally though…. que?

No really, I don’t get how people can say one way is cruel and another isn’t if it’s for food it’s going to end up dead anyways to feed you. Cruelty to me is stuff like beating/killing animals for no reason at all, if it’s for food, well there you go. Do we complain about spiders being cruel because they like to suck the juices out of their prey? Of course not, it’s how things go.


Nov 30, 2006

Come on. Eating meat is the result of killing. We do it, I am fine with it lets move on. The ban on Fois gras has done nothing for the city of Chicago outside of stimulate the restaurant business in outlying areas. I heard the other day that broccoli screams when you cut it from its stalk. Think of all the happy children when we ban it. Animals overpopulate because we have destroyed the predators, starvation is cruel, much crueler than the human culling of herds for food.

Doug (living in France)

Dec 27, 2006

I agree that the production of Foie Gras is cruel, in that it causes stress and discomfort to the bird for several minutes about 3 times per day. This procedure occurs for 2-3 weeks just before it is slaughtered.

However, I don’t think this is nearly as bad as the way in which a lot of other animal products are produced. A battery chicken doesn’t have a few bad minutes for the last 3 weeks of its live; every hour of every day for pretty much its entire life is misery. Likewise, the way in which many turkeys are raised (including breding them so heavy that their legs no longer support their weight) is often a lifetime of suffering.

Living in the countryside, I also see how many other animals are raised on farms, and it is often not a pretty sight.

So, while I don’t agree with fois gras, I think it is a lot worse than many other aspects of meat farming. I think that it has been targeted because it is more visible (pictures of forced feeding) and it is seen as an easy target (fewer people eat foie gras than chicken, and it is perceived to be a luxury). In my opinion, if we are to ban it, there are a lot of other practices that should justly be a higher priority for banning.


Jan 18, 2007

Respect what you eat or you’re not worth feeding.

AnimalLover - Cooked or Raw!

Feb 26, 2007

Fois Gras is wonderful!  And knowing they torture the geese makes it even more delicious!!  And veal - hmm, best served within minutes of whacking that doe-eyed calf over its head. Get real you P.I.T.A. a-holes…humans are the top of the food chain, baby.  Everything else is edible!  Sauted shitzu, curried kitty, all eaten while dressed head to tow in harbor seal fur!!! Yum-yum…


Mar 03, 2007

Thanks genius, you just proved my point.


Apr 14, 2007

It is a shame that has taken the “politically correct” position that Foie Gras is
“Tasty but Cruel”, instead of being an unbiased forum for open discussion.  The “Cruel” moniker could
be hung on virtually ANY processor of meat, chicken, fish,etc. I thought this was a recipe web site,
not a “guilt because of what you’re eating” web site. When I think I have a need to feel guilty for
being a carnivore, I will visit PETA or some other web site that wants to control what I eat,
what I see, how I think, how I worship & what I can say.


May 04, 2007

If we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?  Pass the fois gras!


May 13, 2007

It’s not about eating meat. It’s about how you care for what you eat, and how you kill it. There is never any good reason for cruelty and needless torture. Years from now, just as has happened in the past, the mindless defense of such practices will be recognized as what they are: an embarrassment. And, as has happened in the past with the treatment of people and other animals, those who admit to condoning abuse now, won’t admit to it in the future due to shame. So eat it if you want. You only have to answer to yourself - if not now, no doubt in the future.


Nov 11, 2007

I think Foie Gras is over-rated. It tastes nice because of its smooth texture but I don’t like the after taste and I’ve only tried goose Foie Gras, not duck. I was told duck Foie Gras has a stronger smell compared to goose Foie Gras… in conclusion I don’t think I will ever purchase Foie Gras again. I’ll stick to cheese and butter.


Dec 20, 2007

I think its interesting that Dave considers this websites take on foie gras as bias rather than an expression of its own opinion, especially since the article asks for other people’s opinions. And Doug has it right. There is a distinct lack of education concerning what we Americans consume and how it is supplied, and those fighting against animal cruelty continue to only fight the most accessible counts of it.

The “political correctness” lies in not giving out explicit information on how the things we eat are obtained…more foie gras for the queasy and prudes I suppose.

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