KFC Grilled Chicken Review with Pictures

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KFC has now released their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken nationwide after successfully testing its response in select cities.  We decided to go ahead and pick up some pieces to review.  Be sure to click on the images to enlarge them!

First, the chicken is not grilled.  It is actually roasted using an automated high-temperature air convection oven.

The oven uses a grill plate to imprint those appealing grill markings onto the chicken. The ovens can cook approximately 80 pieces in around 20 minutes.


The chicken looks very appetizing with a golden brown color. The grill marks are clearly visible.

Taste: The chicken was very moist and tender.  It wasn’t salty, spicy, or overly seasoned and had a hint of grilled flavor.

There is no barbecue sauce of any kind, just KFC’s six secret spices. If you like your grilled chicken heavily spiced or slathered in sauce, you may not like this. Maybe KFC could provide a sauce for it to satisfy those who prefer a barbecue flavor.  This chicken would make a nice substitute for a home-made dinner. 

I can envision people passing this chicken off as their own.

Health / Nutritional Info: It is great to see fast-food chains introducing healthy alternatives.  The grilled chicken pieces contain 70 to 80 calories and four to nine grams of fat. Compare that to KFC’s fried chicken which come in at 110 to 370 calories, and between 7 and 21 grams of fat.

All in all, I would definitely suggest you give the Kentucky Grilled Chicken a try.

UPDATE - FREE KFC COUPON: Oprah Winfrey’s website is featuring a kfc coupon you can download until May 6 for two free pieces of KFC grilled chicken, two free sides plus a free biscuit.  Click Here For the Coupon Be sure to come back here and leave a comment on if you liked the chicken or not!

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Apr 25, 2009

I hated the chicken it is not moist like described it’s really dried and cant even taste the seasoning on it and aside of that I found a hair in my chicken breast I hate it not worth the waste of money.


Apr 26, 2009

I tried some and it was GREAT.

It’s about time they offered a healthier alternative. I love their coleslaw but felt forced to get fried chicken everytime.

I found the chicken moist and tasty. There will obviously be variance between stores since management is going to be different.

I enjoyed it and will be back Monday for my free piece smile

Apr 27, 2009

I tried it.  It was a waste of money.  It was about a third smaller than its fried counterpart and it was dry and extremely overcooked.


Apr 27, 2009

Unfortunately my grilled chicken experience today tasted overly processed and wasn’t quite as moist as advertised.  The roasting experience makes me prefer real rotisserie chicken any day - this stuff was bland and relatively tasteless. I don’t think it’ll last more than 12 months after consumer interest dies down.


Apr 27, 2009

It was terrible!!!!!!!! It is not even grilled, which is a lie! It was cooked in an oven over a grill! This is NOT Grilled chicken! It was very dry and not at all tender. Thanks El Polo Loco for your flame grilled chicken which is GREAT!
KFC should stick to their Extra Crispy chicken which I love! Regards, Bob.


May 02, 2009

I loved it. I don’t see why people are complaining about it so much, it’s tasty. WHO THE HELL CARES IF IT’S HEALTHY? It’s better than the other options offered by them, anyway.


May 02, 2009

I ordered a bucket of fried and one piece grilled just to try it out. I should have gotten a bucket of grilled. It was DELICIOUS!!


May 10, 2009

ok but the pieces are way smaller…
Just read the nutrition facts.. about 60 grams smaller than original..


May 11, 2009

Pieces were very small. They were somewhat dry. It was baked not grilled. I paid $23.94 for 10 piece bucket which also had 2 sides. I would have been happier with 2 rotisserie chickens from the nearby grocery and had an extra $8.50 in my pocket not to mention twice as much chicken to eat. I will not purchase this disappointing overpriced, dry chicken again.

May 12, 2009

Ive had it two days in a row. Its REALLY good. Theyve sold out both days here. I think this ones a keeper. Totally like home made. Pieces are kind of small though. If they used bigger pieces, there could be no complaints. But it is fast food..smaller pieces = faster cook time.


May 13, 2009

Sorry, I didn’t have a good experience.  It was bland & dry.  Also, they didn’t honor the coupon.  You have to request a form, fill & mail it out, wait for another coupon to come in the mail.  For the inconvience they will give you a new coupon just like the original except they’ve added a free drink to it!

Ted Strickland

May 14, 2009

It was the WORST chicken I have ever tasted. I waited 1 hour in a filthy kfc (Grease and hairs on tables and chairs). Chicken was cold, tasteless, very fatty.


May 17, 2009

If you walk in and see the place is filthy, why would you even want to eat there at all?  KFC is NEVER worth waiting an hour for their food, let alone 20 minutes (which seems to be the standard wait these days at KFC.)  If they don’t have what you want, just leave.

Ed the Head

May 18, 2009

I could care less about if it’s healthy or not. Give me their fried chicken any day!


May 25, 2009

The grilled chicken was good!  I had stopped eating chicken altogether because it all looked shot-up with harmones. I refused to eat chicken that looked as big as turkey parts.  The Kfc grilled is good for the fact that the pieces are small and normal looking.  It is also very tasty. This is the first chicken for me in over 6 months!


May 25, 2009

Have ordered the new grilled chicken twice because I was sure the first time had to be a mistake. It has the most tasteless chicken on the market. Save some money and go to the store and buy a whole roasted chicken. Taste much better and half the price.


May 28, 2009

Enticed by the commercials, I decided
to try the “grilled” chicken yesterday.
When I saw it, I was surprised it looks
nothing like the commercials. As stated
above, it’s not grilled. I felt like I
could have gotten a whole rotisserie
chicken for $4 with more flavour. And
yes, the pieces were smaller than the
fried variety. It wasn’t so bad, but not
worth the money. Pick up a rotisserie


May 29, 2009

I bought a 10 piece bucket yesterday, after looking at the posters and billboards, and it was OK, but the pieces were much smaller. As for the flavor, it was probably as bland as you can get while still seasoning it. I could make the same thing by putting some salt, pepper, and paprika on some chicken and putting it in the oven.


Jun 01, 2009

I bought a 10 piece bucket and brought it home. I ate one piece and wanted to take it back and throw it on the floor of KFC. It was the worst EVER. Save your time and money and go buy a box of frozen chicken at a store it will be WAY better.


Jun 02, 2009

lol has anyone who has commented ever seen a chicken?  Guess what, there NOT the size of a turkey.  If you took a piece of the grilled and slathered it in the horrifically salty/fatty breading and fried it in grease, it would appear the same size as the other chicken parts.  Not out to defend any fast food joint here, but I believe it’s the taste of the fried breading you miss that makes you believe this food is “tasteless”.  With America’s crumbling economy as it is, people need to get used to not being able to stuff there fat faces with huge portions anyway.

Jun 10, 2009

It was ‘okay’ at best.  El Pollo Loco’s chicken is WAY better plus the sides that the loco offers are also better.  The chicken at KFC itself was not horrible tasting, but definitely NOT worth the hype.  I was hoping for a bit more ‘flavor’ within the spices, I know that they say that its is cooked on a rotisserie, but it lacked a something in the flavor, maybe MORE spices??? Go to the Loco and enjoy that if you want take out, otherwise as someone else noted, hit your local grocer and get one of their roasted chickens!

Colonel Sanders is cursing in his grave...

Jun 13, 2009

IT’S THE SAME SEASONING AS WITH THE FRIED CHICKEN! That’s all anyone needs to know, if you’ve tried bland roasted chicken and KFC’s fried chicken, just put the 2 tastes together, it’s a little drier than the roast chicken (falling off the bone my behind!) then subtract the delicious crispy skin of the fried chicken and probably factor the same amount of fat as one way or another it’s all just sitting on greasy shelves until you purchase it. Admin, you were far too lenient on their mediocrity.

Disregard the silly racist ads with the Asian chefs and Oprah’s promotion that probably just made her a little bit richer while fooling all of those gullible “fall in love” with it.

They probably just wanted to save money on breading and oil while looking progressive and expansive for their clientele.

Disappointing waste of $7 for a 2-piece 2-side, I’ll just get the fried next time and leave the grilled to my mom, real chicken joints, and yeah a market chicken would DEFINITELY been more flavorful, moist and financially responsible than the KFC grilled.


Jun 19, 2009

To the anonymous person who hated it. If you haven’t got the gonads to put your name down then you aren’t “man enough” to comment. It is the best chicken I’ve even had! Maybe you caught ‘em on a bad day. I’ve had their original on a bad day…..it was dripping in grease and had no taste, other than grease. It was horrible but that didn’t keep me from giving it another try. I love KFC, no matter what they serve!

Lori B

Jun 25, 2009

OK, disappointed at best. VERY small pieces, good flavor, but hard to swallow due to how extremely dry!! Complained to KFC headquarters (on line) and within a couple weeks I received a postcard from the store manager offering me a free 10 pc w/2 lg sides. SO ... attempting it again tonight. Prob will not pay for it again. Stick to original recipe!

Jeff A.

Jul 03, 2009

Tried a 10 pc. bucket this evening, and was quite pleased. However, first thing I noticed was the bucket itself appeared smaller, as was the chicken inside the bucket. Just as some of the bar soaps hollow out the back of the bar to give you less, and half gallon containers of ice cream are a thing of the past, I guess this is KFC’s way of cutting back and keeping those big bonuses in their top Exec’s paychecks. Still, it tasted quite nice. Final note. Out 10 pc “Bucket” had 5 thighs and 5 legs. I always though there was at least one breast portion in the bucket. I thing the chicken at AM PM market is just as good and costs less.


Jul 09, 2009

I love this chicken! I have ate more at KFC in the last two months since the Grilled debut than the last two years.  It has great flavor.  Sure the pieces are a little smaller, but the flavor is BIG!  I am TIRED of fried chicken.  Boston Market is the only good fast food place that you can get good NON-FRIED chicken.  Until now.  I actually think KFC Grilled is BETTER than Boston Market Rotisserie.  I wonder about some of these negative comments being real or not.  It seems like some just hate KFC and would rather crap on them than ACTUALLY giving them a try.


Jul 12, 2009

Chicken overrated!!! Ordered 10 piece bucket and over half were wings. No breast pieces were included. Not worth the hype. Stick with the fried KFC. This will be a big bust.

Ted m.

Jul 25, 2009

I have tried the grilled chicken it was not bad, but the size is no bigger than some of the hot wings I get from my local restaurant. It would be better to go and get a rotisserie chicken for a lot less money.


Aug 04, 2009

Tastes fairly good, though KFC is never going to be considered health food.  Although the pieces look smaller than the fried chicken pieces, that is an illusion from the breading.  Looking at the nutritional information on the KFC web site, protein content is right on par with the fried offerings, indicating the same amount of actual chicken per piece.  Give it a try.  You can always fall back on the Colonel’s recipe if you don’t care for the grilled.

Ted M

Aug 07, 2009

The chicken at the kfc that I went to serves smaller chicken in both fried and grilled. I went to popeys and the chicken was much bigger in size, also famous recipe is bigger. The breading at kfc makes it look bigger.


Aug 09, 2009

I’ve eaten KFC about 5 times now and really like it.


Aug 26, 2009

I tried it and could tell it wasnt grilled cuz it was way to juicy smile. There was no lack of flavor. That being said, I havent tried it since then so i dont know if its better some times and worse others which is highly feasible. It wasnt the BEST CHICKEN IVE EVER HAD but it certainly wasnt the worst. Overall if your trying to be health conscious while still having flavorful food (and going to a fast food restaurant) its well worth it. I do agree though that the size is kind of small for your average hungry adult but like i said good if your dieting or watching your weight. At least we know their chicken isnt shot up with hormones or anything, its just normal chicken which is rare and a relief these days. Good job KFC for keeping your health conscious consumers in mind. a little tweaking and KFC Kentucky Grilled Chicken could be a great success.

randall roper

Sep 28, 2009

I must say the grilled chicken at kfc,“IS the best !!!” I WISH I NEW HOW COOK IT AT HOME.


Oct 01, 2009

Obviously the grilled chicken will be smaller since it does not have all that coating used for frying. With all the fat people around you would think some would be happy with a health alternative. I’m happy that a fast food joint can provide a healthy meal at an affordable price.


Jan 05, 2010

I loved it the first few times I tried it. Then came the most recent time. I thought there had to be a mistake. It looked like crap and tasted horrible. Turns out the first few times I ordered it, they gave me fried anyways. That’s why it tasted so good.

Bill Hutchinson

Jan 18, 2010

I wouldn’t eat KFC for many years because it lacked taste, had too much salt and generally wasn’t healthy.  Tried the “grilled” after quite a bit of procrastination.  It is terrible, this is not healthy it came to me swimming in fat.  I took one bite and spit it out didn’t even taste like chicken.  That store wouldn’t give me a refund guess I won’t ever again have to stop into a KFC.


Jul 24, 2010

Great post. Those pictures look good enough to eat. I have a KFC about a block away from my house and we can always smell the chicken. Yum.

That said, I like grilling my own better - - but every now and then I’ll break down and buy a bucket smile

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