Microwave Popcorn May Cause Cancer

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In October, ‘05 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a report stating that the paper in microwave popcorn bags contain fluorotelomers which when heated, can break down into perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) , a known carcinogen. 

“A person consuming a bag’s worth could take up to 110 micrograms of fluorotelomers, according to three toxicologists…”

“A person eating a whole bag of popcorn could take up 0.017 ppb of PFOA.”

“Fluorotelomers are used in microwaveable popcorn bags, in packaging for fast foods like sandwiches, chicken and French fries, as well as in packaging for pizza, bakery items, drinks and candy. They are also found in paper plates. There is currently no way for consumers to tell if packaging contains fluorotelomers. According to Tim Kropp, a toxicologist with the Environmental Working Group, “paper plates with a really glossy look probably don’t use it.”

“For popcorn in the microwave, the group suggests the following: Place a quarter-cup of good quality popcorn in a standard brown paper lunch bag; mix with oil and seasoning; seal the bag with a single staple (one staple does not contain enough metal to cause a spark) and heat for two to three minutes. Alton Brown, who cooks on the Food Network, uses this method.”

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