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As you may have read from my review of the NuWave oven , the NuWave oven turned out to be a disappointment as we were comparing it to our previous Jet Stream oven. We had purchased a number of Jet Stream ovens over the years, and when our last unit died we had decided to try out the NuWave oven. Once we realized the NuWave oven didn’t perform as well as the Jet Stream, we went went ahead and purchased another Jet Stream oven.

By now, this was our fourth or fifth Jet Stream oven. We have owned one since American Harvest had their infomercials on television. For various reasons, all the units had died. The first ones that fell apart were due to the poor design of the rear support or the lid wound up cracking. On a subsequent model, a 4000T, the heating element burned out. Despite some of the problems, we just HAD to have a new one. Nesco now carries these ovens, although they still bare the American Harvest name. The currently available model is still the 4000TP.

We purchased one online through Walmart with a pick up at the store. The unit worked fine initially but then the electronics went out. The unit was dead so we returned it to the store. To get a replacement, the shipping from would take 3-4 weeks and since we didn’t want to wait, we purchased a unit from another website, which arrived in about a week and a half.

This new unit was a bit noisy at first but it has since settled down and become quieter. We could have replaced the unit again, but we decided to keep it since we didn’t want to be without it while we waited for a replacement.

Out of the box the unit comes with a lid, base, pan liner, power head, with rear bracket (which connects power head to bane base), two cooking racks, instruction booklet and recipe cards. The unit is easy to assemble by attaching the power head to the lid and hooking the bracket part of the power head to the base handle. The non-stick pan liner fits into the base. The racks can be used together or you can use just the one which is used either ‘face up’ or “face down” depending on what you are going to cook and the space required. The power head has two arrow buttons for up/down temperature selection and a button to toggle between the low and high fan settings. There is a red digital display that shows the cook time.

The Jet stream oven uses what’s called “cyclonic cooking”. The unit has a high speed fan that blows hot air around the food. It is basically a table top convection oven but with greater fan speed. The claim made by the manufacturer is that food will cook faster than a regular oven and brown food better as well.  I have found these claims to be true. The Jet Stream oven is great at cooking convenience foods. The food comes out of the oven nice and crisp and it browns the food perfectly. The lack of browning was one of the main reasons we did not like the NuWave oven.  Cooking in the Jet Stream oven generally takes about a third less time than cooking in a conventional oven. However, this does depend on how much food is in the oven and the moisture content of the food.

The recipe cards and instruction booklet that came packaged with the unit provide ideas for what to cook, while also providing cooking times, fan speed settings, and suggested rack positions of common foods. After a while, you learn to estimate your cooking times but I still refer to the book occasionally.

The base unit is limited by the size of the oven. However, you can purchase expander rings to increase the size for cooking chickens, turkeys and roasts. You can also cook in multiple levels with the expander ring. It is perfect for cooking for parties. You can stack the racks and sandwich the food between the racks. Sometimes you have to do this to keep the food from becoming airborne. 

Chicken is my favorite food to cook in the NuWave oven. The chicken always comes out with perfectly crispy skin and extremely juicy.

The biggest complaint about the ovens is a quality control issue. The initial ones literally fell apart. Then one had a burned out heating element, and the other had the electronics die. Not the best track record. I wrote to Nesco to tell them they had a quality control issue and I referred to the current noisy model and other other units that up and died and their reply was I could replace it under the warranty. While this was good information, it didn’t really address the quality control issue.

Would I buy one again? You better believe it. In spite of quality control issues, the end product justifies the purchase. I can just taste that chicken now….

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Dec 27, 2010

I have to agree with Lizardmom. They work great but quality is a issue.  My first I took back after pulling it out of the box. Loose parts in powerhead, and a couple of small washers laying in the box. I exchanged it and that one lasted 5 years with a lot of use. The next one lasted 3 years before it started falling apart. The Jet Stream does get hotter for doing steaks though. If nuwave would increase the temperature I think it would be a toss up between the two.  I would like to see them get rid of the p1 p2 stuff and add an actual temperature setting to make it easier.  Even though I never had to replace the Nuwave,  I will still get another Jet Stream as it does a better job.


Feb 27, 2011

I agree.  I currently have three heads and all three are broken.  My wife can not live without the Jet Stream though.  We use them on a daily basis and lately they have been lasting about a year.  The one reason I keep buying it however is because it cooks GREAT and fast!  Beef and pork about 15 minutes and chicken 20.  This is with tater tots, asperagus or anything you want to add.  I wish they would last longer, but what can you do.  I have not found anything close.


Apr 20, 2012

Heck,  I purchased a used Jet Stream and put a new belt in it. Worked great for about 2 weeks, then the heating element went out. Shame too because I was using it daily. Now I will have to wait until May to get my new Jet Stream. They say May but then again they did say April. lol

J-R. Wilson

Jul 15, 2012

I had purchased a Jet Stream a number of years ago, it was great although noisy. This unit did what it was intended to do although I had not cooked that many items. Unfortunately, the unit itself died. It was the fan which failed to move. I believe it was because after cooking with it, the lid was left down the idea being it would keep the food warm. In addition to this, the store it was purchased from no longer carried them. I would like to know if you have a Canadian distributor in Ontario Canada. It could be either Barrie, Ontario, Aurora, Ontario or Thornhill, Ontario. But any place in Ontario would help especially if I can get a telephone number. 
Many thanks,


Carol Borg

Jan 06, 2013

I bought a jetstream approximately 12 years ago. I found it fun cooking in but food did blow around. Pizza toppings flew off and the fan died after a year. I am seriously thinking of ordering a NuWave which looks pretty much the same but then I’ve read it doesn’t work as good or doesn’t brown food and you have to keep turning stuff over. Do you have to flip food over in the jetstream?  It’s too long ago, I can’t remember. I have not read of anyone’s NuWave breaking down or any quality issues.

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