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We decided to look for a new counter type oven that could compete with our existing Jet Stream Oven. Unfortunately, the Jet Stream was no longer working and since we were rather addicted to our Jet Stream, it was more a question of was there something better out there. I came across the NuWave infrared oven online and remembered seeing the infomercials about it. Was this the Jet Stream’s replacement? We decided to check it out.

Out of the box there was the motor top with a plastic side/lid top. There was an expander ring, two racks, a cake pan sized pan, a carrying case and a free pizza turner. There was the usual instruction book, two recipe books and a reference card. I tested getting the unit in the carrying bag. It was a bit of a struggle to get the oven into the bottom half of the bag. But once I got the bottom pulled up, which covered about the half of the bottom of the oven. The top half of the bag went easily over the rest of the oven.

It was time to test the oven. We cooked some frozen hamburgers since they advertise starting with frozen meats. The unit came with a handy reference card to suggest not only the cooking time, but the height the rack should be based on what your cooking, either one inch or 4 inchs. It said to cook our frozen burgers 6 minutes per side. After the first 6 minutes of cooking, the meat looked a bit brown around the edges. I flipped them and the other side was still pink. So we cooked for another 6 minutes per the instructions. When the time was up, you could sort of tell they weren’t quite done. So we cooked for another two minutes per side. At that time the burgers looked nice and brown and there was juice coming out of them. We let the burgers rest and then dressed them and ate them. We found them to be juicy and quite tasty. They were cooked nicely without a microwave rubbery texture. We felt this one was a winner.

We continued to test the oven to see what it could do. We made different meals such as steaks, chicken, pork, sausage, hot dogs and about anything else we could think of.  We cooked a lot of food right from the freezer. This was the main reason we wanted the NuWave oven.  It worked well for this and cook time was about that of cooking in a regular oven.

Pros / Cons:
Now we have had the oven for several months. It has pros and cons. It does food from frozen well but needs to be watched, especially for beef. We found beef very easy to overcook and then it got rubbery. It did not brown the way I would have liked and the heat was uneven around the cooking surface.

This is noticeable when cooking hot dogs or sausage since some cook more quickly than others and you have to move them around to get them all to cook. The cooking time is not faster than conventional cooking. We also found that the suggested cooking times on the reference card were not very accurate.

NuWave oven vs. Jet Stream
How does this compare to the Jet stream oven? The big thing I like about the Jet Stream is its ability to brown things. I love breaded pork chops and air fried food which is a very good for a diet because you don’t need to cook with fat. I like roasted chicken with crispy skin and the Jet Stream was much better at crisping than the NuWave. The Jet Stream is also faster at cooking in some cases. However, it is not as sturdy as the NuWave, which is the one main complaint I have always had about a Jet Stream. We have gone through about 4 of them over 10 years. We do use it a lot but its weakness is in the hinge. The Jet Stream hinge is designed so you can add stages (expander rings) to make the oven bigger for chickens and turkeys. But it is not really strong enough to support the power head especially when there is an added ring. The NuWave does not use a hinge, it just lifts off and you place the lid in the rest.

Would I buy the NuWave again? I think had I not had the comparison to the Jet Stream, I would have been perfectly happy with it. But for the way I like to cook, I find the Jet Stream to cook better.  So much so that we ordered a new Jet Stream that I expect to arrive next week. I can taste the air fried eggplant now.

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Jul 29, 2010

Thank YOU for this information. I had been considering purchasing an infrared oven, but after reading this article… think I’ll stick to my regular oven for quality and my microwave for reheats.

Richele @ Gas Grills

Aug 25, 2010

I find infrared ovens are really great and quick heats, but then they don’t usually provide a thorough cook like traditional types, especially for foods that are tough to cook, like pork ribs, burgers or tenderloin beef. Still prefer my countertop electric oven and frying pan for most easy steaks.


Oct 07, 2010

That is a pretty cool looking machine but for all the things it was used for I would prefer to use a grill.  Maybe it’s the sports fan in me that equates grilled food with the fun, energetic atmosphere of a tailgate before a big game but I just can’t see steak, burgers, hot dogs or almost any meat tasting better than it does fresh off a grill.

Distracted Cook

Oct 19, 2010

We have the NuWave. After using it, I discovered that it does okay with meat, but vegetables that are placed on a pan don’t do so well. This oven seems to cook best when the heat can circulate evenly.

There are several heating methods that do not brown, including the microwave. Curiously, other cooking methods can be as fast or as simple as a microwave and better.

I am always looking for alternatives to the microwave oven which I used to use almost exclusively. Until I realized that microwaves are a fancy name for RADIATION. Did the research and I don’t microwave anymore.


Dec 11, 2010

Great idea for people with disabilities.  Easy to place items in there without having to bend down etc.  Also easy to keep an eye on the food at counter top level.  However, I agree that cooking sometimes is uneven with these type of ovens and you would need to keep checking to see food was cooking evenly, but they are great for quick meals.


Jan 30, 2011

I love my NuWave!


Aug 06, 2011

We love our nu-wave oven for chicken and pork.  Roast chicken, breast down then breast up, is so tender and juicy that it rivals the supermarket roasted chickens that are “under the lights”, except that you can use nice fat hens, and as big as 4 or 5 pounds.  Pork roasts - same thing, fat side down, then fat side up, and meat is juicy and almost fork tender.  Our best pork roasts were 5 pounds or less.  Pork spareribs, with or without barbecue sauce were great also.

William King

Jan 15, 2012

First use tonight.  Frozen thick hamburger patties cooked just as well as in the Jet Stream.  The main thing I noticed about the Nu Wave was that it seems to be much cleaner.  The sides of the dome remained spotless and cleanup was a breeze.  The Jet Stream always had splatter and cleaning was much more of a chore.

Gloryia Swain

Oct 10, 2012

I love my NuWave and yes the cooking times are not accurate but for the most part its a great product.  I have just one complaint and that is the dome to the NuWave stains, cracks and after continuous use does not clean up well at all.  I have had my NuWave for about 2 years and I have replaced my dome twice… A little disappointing….

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