Pig Tail Food Flipper Review

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What is it?
The pig tail food flipper is a grilling tool that has a sharp spiral tip which allows you to easily pierce the edge of food and flip it over with a flip of your wrist. We received a set of two flipping tools, one 19” and one 12”. Both come contained in a wood box that latches shut. The build quality of everything is solid. 

Our test:
We tested the 19” pig tail food flipper by flipping a full rack of BBQ ribs on an outdoor gas grill. The tool made it incredibly easy to pick up the meat and flip over. 

Why it is better than a grilling fork or tongs:
A grilling fork creates two holes in the food and makes flipping somewhat awkward. When you use tongs you can easily use too much pressure while squeezing, causing flavorful juices to escape from the food. Also, using tongs requires you to keep your hand close to the grill, which could be dangerous if there are flare-ups. The pig tail food flipper solves these problems. It lets you keep a safe distance away from the grill, retains juices as it only creates one very small hole, and makes flipping very easy and natural.

Final Thoughts:
The large food flipper is perfect for outside grilling, allowing you to easily reach across the grill and and flip thicker cuts of meat or vegetables. The small food flipper is great for both indoor and outdoor usage with thinner pieces of meat such as bacon, hot dogs, and chicken breasts.

It is a useful product, but I think the practicality of it really depends on how often you grill. For someone who doesn’t do a lot of grilling, and has no current issues using tongs or a grill fork, I’m not sure the pig tailed food flipper is worth the money. However, for someone who does a great deal of grilling, smoking, etc, where they frequently need to move meat around, I think this tool is a must have. Especially those who want to make sure they keep the juices contained in the meat as much as possible.  I would definitely recommend this tool to a someone who participates in BBQ competitions and events.  One thing I would like to point out though, is the tips of the flippers are extremely sharp. If you frequently have children coming up to the grill grabbing utensils and such, you do not want these tools around as they can severely injure.

Where to purchase?
Click amazon link below.

Disclosure: The unit we received was a free sample for review.

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Aug 25, 2010

BBQ season for me is still going strong and I think I may just have to get one of these to try out.  Really cool and look so much easier than my big old bbq tongs that I have been using for the past I don’t know how many years!

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