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Do you enjoy dark chocolate and crunchy snacks? If so, let me introduce you to sweetriot. Sweetriot is a company based in New York City that makes all-natural chocolate treats called ‘peaces’ (no, that’s not a spelling error).  The ‘peaces’ are lightly roasted cacao nibs that are covered in dark chocolate. 

What are cacao nibs?:
When you roast cacao beans and remove the shell, you’re left with cacao nibs.

cacao nibs

If you grind the nibs down, the heat created during the grinding process melts the cacao butter into a liquid. The ground cacao nib particles and liquid cacoa butter mixes together to create a paste called cocoa liqour (no alcohol is present). When the cocoa liqour is allowed to cool and harden, it becomes unsweetned baking chocolate.

Health Benefits:
Cacoa nibs are are packed with antioxidants that may help fight cancer and heart disease.

sweetriot’s Product Line:

Tins -  sweetriot offers three versions of tins: Flavor 50, Flavor 65, and Flavor 70.  The tins are filled with lightly roasted cacao nibs that are covered with dark chocolate containing increasing percentages of cocoa. Flavor 50 uses 50% dark chocolate, Flavor 65 uses 65% dark chocolate, and Flavor 70 uses 70% dark chocolate. Flavor 70 also has a hint of expresso added for extra flavor.

Each tin contains 140 calories. Each ‘peace’ contains only 1-2 calories.

Review: Flavor 70 Tin:

sweetriot flavor 70 tin

Looks:The tin is covered with great eye-catching artwork. The size is perfect for a pocket or purse. The ‘peaces’ themselves look similar to raisinets.

Taste: The outer dark chocolate is slightly sweet and mellow with a hint of expresso flavor. The taste does fade away quickly though as each peace is thinly coated with chocolate. Underneath the dark chocolate is a cacao nib that is crunchy and bitter.

Overall Opinion: The tins would be great for those on a diet as a few ‘peaces’ might be all that is needed to satisfy a dark chocolate craving.

yumBars - sweetriot offers two versions of their chocolate bars: The yumBar flavor 65 and the yumBar flavor 70.  Each bar is made up of four mega ‘peaces’ that are 45 calories each. The yumBar flavor 65 uses 65% dark chocolate and has crunchy cacao ‘peaces’ inside. The yumBar flavor 70 uses 70% dark chocolate and has plump raisins in addition to the crunchy cacao ‘peaces’.

The yumBar flavor 65 is offered on Virgin American Airlines flights.

Review: yumBar Flavor 65:

sweetriot yumBar flavor 65

Looks: The outer packaging is very colorful. The bar itself is a thick square with four separate mega ‘peaces’ that have been molded to allow them to be easily broken into individual 48 calorie bites.

sweetriot yumBar flavor 65

Taste:  The outer dark chocolate is slightly sweet with a pleasant cocoa flavor. The center of each meaga ‘peace’ is filled with crunchy cacao nibs that provide great texture to the bar.

sweetriot yumBar flavor 65

Overall Opinion: We found just one mega ‘peace’ of the yumBar to be much more satisfying than a small handful of ‘peaces’ from the flavor 70 tin. Virgin America Airlines made a great choice to offer these on board their flights.

Baking ‘Peaces’ - A 10 ounce bag of lightly roasted cacao nibs covered by 50% dark chocolate. You can think of this product as 10 of the flavor 50 tins in a large bag.

Review: Baking ‘Peaces’:

sweetriot baking peaces

Looks: They look exactly like the ‘peaces’ found in the flavor 70 tin.

Taste: On the package was a recipe for sweetriot ‘peaces’ cookies. We followed the recipe and the result was fantasic! Everyone really enjoyed how the dark chocolate cacao nibs made the cookies taste as though they contained nuts. You can view the step-by-step photos here: Crunchy Cookies with Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs

crunchy cookies with cacao nibs

crunchy cookies with cacao nib

Overall Opinion: The baking ‘peaces’ are a fantastic alternative to dark chocolate or milk chocolate morsels. The added crunch and antioxidants the cacao nibs provide make the baking ‘peaces’ a must try.

Where to buy:
You can find sweetriot products in Whole Foods Markets, REI, Safeway, and many other stores.

You can also order online at or purchase from Amazon:

Disclosure: samples were provided for free for this review.

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