Stove Top Stuffing Turns Pro-Potato Rally to a Dud for Spuds

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The following is a satirical post.

Russet Speaking To Reporters Boise, Idaho –  Seed potatoes are currently holding protests across Idaho. They are refusing to be planted and vow to stay above ground until their demand – that Stove Top Stuffing be removed from store shelves — is met. The strikes were organized by Jimmy Russet, the local Spud Union leader. With reporters on scene in Boise, Russet wobbled to a 3-inch-tall podium, clicked on a slide projector, and monotonously mumbled that the reason for the strikes was “due to the recently released statistics showing that Stove Top’s Everyday Stuffing Mix is vastly preferred over potatoes.”

Pointing to a slide presentation, Russet continued, “As you can see, they are calling us boring and un-flavorful compared to the Stove Top Stuffing Mix.” Potatoes in the crowd moaned. “Why should we spuds stay underground for months only to be uprooted and unappreciated? We are NOT boring!” A local reporter questioned with, “What will all the seed potatoes be doing with their free time until your demand is met?” Russet replied, “Mainly watching C-SPAN, listening to NPR and sewing sacks for the tots.”

The small crowd was soon distracted when a potato with large eyes pointed to the sky and shouted “Incoming!” Seconds later, Stove Top Stuffing himself descended through parting clouds with a parachute billowing in the wind behind him. Floating just above the excited onlookers, he popped open each side of his new flex-top canister to control his decent. While the potatoes looked on with obvious displeasure, the crowd was amazed at how easy he was able to open and reseal his lid.

Upon landing, the stuffing star was asked, “What are you doing here?” Stove Top responded confidently, “I saw how bored you guys were so I decided to pop in and un-potato this place up.” A tater tot pushed forward from the crowd, “You sure are fast!” to which Stove Top replied, “That’s right, young spud, I’m ready in under two minutes, any day of the week.”

Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix: The Un-Potato Contest: 
Kraft and Technorati have teamed up to promote Stove Top Stuffing and are asking for blog entries that humorously promote the stuffing as being the better alternative over boring potatoes. They are giving away $100 American Express Gift Cards to the top 4 entries. Check out the contest details and full official rules at:

Visit the Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Facebook page to learn more:


Disclosure: We received monetary compensation from Kraft Foods for our participation in their “Un-Potato” campaign.

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Janne Reeves

Nov 20, 2012

I don’t think the potatoes need to fear, at least for me the Stove Top Stuffing Mix can never replace potato. They will always remain precious.

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