Subway Chicken Florentine Flatbread Sandwich Review

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Subway has just released two new sandwiches which will only be available for a limited time: The Chicken Florentine Flatbread and the Steak and Bacon Melt Flatbread.

The chicken florentine flatbread is made up of chicken, olives, tomatoes, tuscan spices, melted cheese, and all topped with a creamy spinach artichoke spread.

Nutritional Info according to Subway’s website: 520 Calories. 22 g fat, 8 g sat fat, 85 mg cholesterol, 1330 mg salt, 47 g carbs, 4 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 35 g protein.

Taste: The toasted flatbread is a nice textural departure from Subway’s regular soft sandwich rolls.

The chicken was moist and filled up the flatbread sandwich. The creamy spinach artichoke spread has the strongest flavor of all the ingredients and I found that it and the spices they used to be too overpowering.  About halfway through I couldn’t eat anymore due to the saltiness (1330 mg) and intense flavor of the spread/spices.

Would I purchase the chicken florentine flatbread again? No.  But I would like to try the steak and bacon melt flatbread.

Have you tried this flatbread sandwich? If so, leave a comment letting us know what you thought of it.

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Dec 18, 2008

This is the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Hands down. I would have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner if that were socially acceptable.


Dec 18, 2008

I love the chicken flatbread florentine.  Its taste is GREAT!  I am dissatisfied with fat content and carb count. boo hoo


Dec 20, 2008

I don’t mind the fat or carbs, but that amount of salt is my entire daily content in one stupid little meal. Darn. They make it look so good in the commercial, too.


Dec 22, 2008

I tried it and LOOOOVED it!  I like salt and probably shouldn’t eat so much of it. 520 calories? DANG! Good thing I’m not on a diet though I could stand to lose some weight…well okay A LOT.  Can’t eat this every day then but IS good!
I’m not much on red meat and I really don’t understand the steak and bacon combo.  I’d probably eat that if it was for the bacon in it.


Dec 23, 2008

This is the best flatbread sandwich ever. I don’t know where you get the saltiness and overpowering spices because this has the best flavor all around. I agree, I could eat it morning, noon and evening.

Anna G.

Jan 05, 2009

“I cannot imagine what my life will be like after this sandwich is gone. It is one of the sandwich world’s worst tragedies that is is only for a limited time”


Jan 06, 2009

Yummy Yummy!!! I love this toasted with mozzarella cheese, a little mustard, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, olives, parmesean cheese, oregano, and a little oil and vinegar.


Jan 14, 2009

Is this a recipe of last year or this year?


Jan 14, 2009

It was released in 2008.


Feb 04, 2009

A great way to enjoy a s/w. I LOOOVEDDD IT! salty, spicy, it really filled up your hungry stomach with satisfaction!!!


Feb 20, 2009

I LOOOOOOOVED it! I would like to get the recipe for the spinach/artichoke spread they used or find someplace to buy the spread!  I could eat just the spread and bread!  Who cares about the calories! Does anyone have this recipe?


Apr 10, 2009

the best sandwich ever hands down….i want the recipe for the spread so i can make it at home…after the promo ended, my favorite subway had extra chicken and flatbread but no spinach/artichoke spread and offered to put it on a footlong roll, just to get rid of the extra chicken…i politely refused the entire sandwich…can’t half ass on it…i’d put blk olives, tomatoes, onions, s&p, and a lil mayo…THE BOMB!


Mar 04, 2011

I tried the Italian BMT flatbread sandwich.  Delicious!!  Will order again.

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