Subway Tuscan Chicken Melt Review

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Subway recently released a new sandwich they call the Tuscan Chicken Melt which is available for a limited time.  The sandwich is described as: “Tuscan-seasoned chicken drizzled in olive vinaigrette and smothered in melted cheese. ” On Subway’s website the sandwich looked pretty good, so we decided to try it. Here is our review.

Appearance: First, take a look at the image of it one Subway’s site: Click Here

Pretty appetizing in their photo. Compare that to the photo we took.

Taste: Very Bland. There was almost no flavor whatsoever. We chose white bread and pepper jack cheese when given the choices by the sandwich maker. Even with the pepper jack cheese, the Tuscan seasoning, and vinaigrette, this sandwich was boring.  My guess is the sandwich maker probably didn’t add enough seasoning or vinaigrette. If you order it make sure they are generous with these. I would also suggest choosing a more flavorful bread such as the Italian Herbs & Cheese.

Conclusion: We will not be ordering the Tuscan Chicken Melt sandwich again.   But if you decide to try it, have them put it on a bread that has some flavor to it, and be sure they are generous with the Tuscan seasoning and vinaigrette dressing.

Please leave a comment if you have tried the Tuscan Chicken Melt, and let us know what you thought.

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Jun 12, 2009

Obviously it is going to taste bland on white bread.


Jun 18, 2009

Honestly, the Tuscan Chicken Melt is the only sandwich i eat at Subway. I do agree that it’s bland, but i like it. Personally, i tried it on flat bread and it tasted fine to me.


Jun 20, 2009

I’m of the opposite opinion. I ordered the tuscan melt a week or two ago during my lunch break. I found the vinegrette to be a little over bearing in flavor and sort of regretted having that put on my sandwich. I think I would have enjoyed the other wise tasty sandwich without it.


Jul 01, 2009

I absolutely love this sandwich! I put it on wheat or Italian bread, pepper jack cheese, toast it, and then at the end, in addition to the vinegrette, I add the chipotle sauce. Oh my goodness it’s pure goodness!


Jul 09, 2009

I ordered it with Italian herbs and cheese bread.  I also added pepper jack cheese and banana peppers with extra dressing.  It tastes even better with pepper, oregano, and parmesan cheese added.  If you load it, it’ll definitely taste better.


Jul 14, 2009

The problem is Subway doesn’t train the workers how to make it as advertised.

What I have done or at least try to have done is use the honey oat 7 grain bread toasted with pepper jack cheese. I have them put on spinach and tomatoes salt an pepper and oregano. lastly, the chipotle sauce.
I only ask for a little bit of the chipotle, but the non English speaking sauce adder cant understand what the concept of: a little, easy, or HOLD the Heck up!!

I love Quiznos the most.


Jul 26, 2009

Love the Tuscan Chicken on Italian Herbs and Cheese, toasted with provolone, and ranch dressing.


Oct 21, 2009

This was my favorite sub at Subway…I absolutely loved it and am so disappointed they took it off the menu. I got it on wheat bread with pepperjeck cheese, all the veggies lots of tuscan dressing and dipped it in southwest its gone :(


Jan 11, 2010

I really don’t understand the pricing.
Each time I go the price is different and they assure me it"s correct
I just paid $6.72 for a 6 inch Tuscan Chicken Melt and a diet coke.
Can you explain the pricing.
I hear on TV that this sub is in the $5.00 menu, isn’t a full sub the 12inch sub, do I pay more because I asked for a 6 inch when I ordered.
Please help me, I love Subway but I’m about fed up and ready to go to Quiznos


Jan 25, 2010

I just had one of these on wheat bread. No provolone cheese available, no vinaigrette available. Will not try another.


Jan 29, 2010

Previous to trying this, I had never gone to Subway, so I was hesitant about it.  My friend ordered it and so did I.  I really enjoyed the sandwich and have ordered multiple times.


Jan 30, 2010

I love this sandwich got it on wheat with double meat lettuce spinach oregano salt and pepper no sauce and had amazing flavor will try to recreate at home


Mar 07, 2012

I absolutely LOVED this sandwich!!!!!


Oct 08, 2012

This sub was horrible. Will never order it again!


Oct 16, 2012

My husband ordered it on the Italian herb bread with provolone cheese and added banana peppers and mayo with it. I usually don’t like Subway’s chicken but this one was good. Of course, we always add salt and pepper to any sandwich… which probably helps.


Oct 18, 2012

I tried the Tuscan Chicken melt today and it was GREAT! I got it with pepper jack cheese and the southwest chipotle sauce. It smelled great and and tasted just as I expected based on the aroma! I loved it, not sure if the southwest chipotle sauce is what made mine so awesome or if there was more seasoning on my chicken (note- the chicken was already seasoned, my location did not give the option to add any more seasoning) or what but I loved the sandwhich!

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