Cooking Schools, Cooking Classes and Culinary Arts Programs

If you love to cook and want to take it to the next level, you should consider enrolling into a culinary school or taking a cooking class.

We have compiled a listing a cooking schools, cooking classes and culinary arts programs by state below.

How To Choose The Best Culinary School:

  • Has a high graduation and employment rate.
  • Nationally recognized.
  • Two year degrees that teaches you the fundamentals skills and techniques to prepare you for a wide variety of foodservice jobs.
  • Four year degrees should offer the fundamentals of the 2 year degree and add to that management knowledge to prepare you for leadership positions.
  • Offers career opportunities with top employers.
  • Has a large alumni network where alumni hold leadership positions.
  • The Programs have a high number of kitchen hours where there is hands on training.
  • Has a variety of restaurants on campus.
  • Provides a program for paid externships with well known restaurants.
  • Faculty is made up of a large number of Master Chefs or Master Bakers.
  • Faculty is made up of Certified Hospitality Educators (C.H.E.s).
  • Faculty is diverse, and represents a variety of cultures.
  • Provides a high ratio of teachers to students.
  • Faculty is made of published authors with leading culinary texts.
  • Has a diverse student body.
  • Provides after school clubs, programs, recreation facilities, on campus housing, etc.
  • Near a large city.