Saucy Curry Chicken and Tagliatelle

Dec 30, 2005 by Jenny Tang Kai | 0 Comments| Share it:   

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  • Prep: ~30 mins.
  • Cook: ~30 mins.
  • Serves: 2

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  • 1lb chicken breast
  • 200 ml (6.7 ounces) coconut milk (fat, low-fat, whatever)
  • 1 bag curry sauce mix (making about 150-200 ml finished thick, creamy, relatively sweet curry sauce) I used "Blue Ribbon Curry Sauce Mix".
  • curry spice mix preferably a mild "red curry" mix. "Santa Maria Red Curry" mix was used here.
  • salt
  • cayenne pepper (powder)
  • regular curry (powder)
  • tagliatelle (enough for two, I usually grab about 14 "balls")
  • cooking oil

Step 1

Put the pasta-water to boil in a pot while you merrily chop away at the chicken, producing pieces the size of approximately 2x2 cm. Small enough to fry quickly, big enough to be noticed.


Step 2

While waiting for the pasta to boil, prepare the curry sauce and set it aside. Here it was done by just adding water - like magic. Throw in the tagliatelle into the boiling water.


Step 3

This is your mark to start with the curry chicken. Start by heating some oil in a pan. Wait until the oil is piping hot (and crackling). This way the chicken soaks up less oil, giving the meal a more low-fat feel:


Step 4

Salt it pretty good, and fry it till it's pretty much cooked. This should not take more than five minutes or so, given that the pieces are small. Then powder the chicken lightly with the curry spice mix so that all of the pieces are covered, but not smothered.


Step 5

Mix it, and then add all the coconut milk. Throw in some (2-3)dashes of cayenne pepper and regular curry as well while you're at it. It'll end up looking like so:


Step 6

And as it stands next to the mixed and prepared creamy curry sauce, it looks like so: Let the coconut milk, spices, and chicken simmer a while for about 5-10 minutes until about half of the liquid from the coconut milk evaporates. You really want that coconut to penetrate every orifice of the chicken with its juices.


Step 7

Next up, grab the prepared creamy curry sauce, and pour it in and mix it up:


Step 8

By now, the sauce that the chicken is simmering should be semi-thick, and your tagliatelle should be done. Let the chicken simmer a while longer for those two minutes it takes to drain the pasta and put it on plates in generous helpings.


Step 9

Then, for the grand finale, grab the chicken, and pour it on top of the pasta, so it looks like so:

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