Chicken and Dumplings

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  • Prep: ~30 mins.
  • Cook: 3+ hrs.
  • Serves: 8

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  • 2-3lb hen check inside the hen for the bag of giblets (don't throw away...great for seasoning the chicken broth.)
  • frozen biscuits or make your own

Step 1

Put the chicken in the crock pot with the giblets (should be a heart-gizzard-liver and neck, you don't have to eat these, just use for seasoning) add salt and pepper...cook for 6-7 hours on high. The Dumplings Some people roll out their own dumplings and some buy them frozen, if you do buy frozen (ANN'S is the best...taste like home made) I personally don't like to knead out dough, so I learned a little trick using frozen biscuits.


Step 2

I thaw them out and spread some flour out on the rolling surface to that it doesn't stick and cut out my dumplings that way. Then roll out the dumplings and cut them out.


Step 3

Then put them in the freezer for about 30 min or so, to stiffen.


Step 4

Separate Chicken. When the chicken is done, use as much or as little chicken as you like and as big or small chunks as you like. I only use a small amount of chicken for mine.


Step 5

I'll take a large amount of the chicken and put in the fridge to make chicken salad later.


Step 6

Add Dumplings Now! you have your broth and chicken at a nice rumbling crock pot style boil. Drop the dumplings in one at a time...really! one at a time! This is a must. almost immediately you will see the dumplings get puffy, this means they are done.


Step 7

Don't waste any time after you drop in the last dumpling in, transfer chicken & dumplings into another serving container. Do not allow pastry to keep cooking for much longer after you drop in the last dumpling * That is very important. That's it.

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user does not have an avatar Loves2Cook

Dec 20, 2006

This turned out good at my Pot Luck today, however I did need to add chicken broth. The chicken by itself does not make enough broth to be able to boil the dumplings. I also seasoned the chicken with garlic powder, salt and pepper.

user does not have an avatar Sean

Jan 23, 2011

I believe that this is referred to as “chicken and slicks” in the South, to distinguish it from the more usual drop-biscuit dumpling recipes. Overall, I prefer the drop-biscuit style, although both are tasty.

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