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  • Prep: ~30 mins.
  • Cook: 1 - 2 hrs.
  • Serves: 4

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Borscht is a traditional Russian Soup. It may look difficult, but it's worth it! In case you are a vegetarian, replace meat with cabbage.


  • 400 grams (14 ounces) beef or pork/beef + pork
  • 200 grams (7 ounces) cabbage
  • 200 grams (7 ounces) sauerkraut
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 beetroot
  • 3 pieces garlic
  • bay leaf as many as you like
  • 2 tablespoon vinegar
  • 4 tablespoon tomato paste

Step 1

Put the meat into water and cook for ~1 hour.

Step 2

Cut the onion.

Step 3

Grate the carrot.

Step 4

Grate the beetroot.

Step 5

Fry the onion and the carrot in butter.

Step 6

Fry the beetroot in vegetable oil and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Step 7

Add the broth.

Step 8

Add the tomato paste.

Step 9

Take the meat out and add the cabbage.

Step 10

Add the fried onion and carrot.

Step 11

Add the beetroot and as much salt as you like.

Step 12

Cut the meat into small pieces.

Step 13

Add the meat together with the pressed garlic. Serve your borscht with sour cream and rye "black" bread.

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Nik Telford

Jun 27, 2011

Hey I love the recipe but it doesnt say how much water we should put in for the broth/ Just wondering what you used! Thanks.


Jul 14, 2012

Love the Borscht. But I cook it in a different way.

Alina Kyiv

Jan 16, 2013

Your Borscht Recipe is good but Borscht is not Russian Soup. It is traditional Ukrainian dish.


Jan 23, 2013

Well, the origin of this dish is debatable. However, you’ll get the best result if you use ripe, juicy tomatoes instead fo tomato paste. Another thing is that the amount of beet root, it should in no way exceed the amount of carrots, otherwise it might get too sweet and gain a weird color some people find unattractive. Cabbage is also very important, it should be fresh and crisp. And finally, especially if using tomatoes, a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar must be added: it starts a chemical reaction and gives borscht its bright red color.

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